Users of the Google Photos service on the iPhone report problems in app’s work after latest update of the iOS operating system 16.3.1. The application “crashes” immediately after launch. If the app didn’t have access to the photos, it will start, but immediately shut down after granting permissions in the system.

AppleInsider, 9to5Mac and Mezha are also observing this problem on their own devices.

New users will be able to download the Google Photos app and enter their credentials. But if you give the application access to the image gallery, it crashes immediately.

At the same time, applications from other developers continue to work. So the problem concerns Google Photos. There are currently no known workarounds, and Google has yet to announce a fix. But it is unlikely that you will have to wait long for this.

And if the user has a need to use Google Photos in particular, it may be worth waiting a little while updating the operating system to iOS 16.3.1 and turning off automatic updates in the settings for a while.