Meet a large Mazda CX-90 SUV, the new flagship of the company, which should become the “most” in everything. For example, the Mazda CX-90 car is built on a new platform that is also used for Mazda CX-60. Yes, the overall design is similar, but the Mazda CX-90 SUV stands out for its much larger dimensions and numerous chrome details.

On one of the decorative inserts, you can see the inscription “inline 6”, which fully corresponds to reality. After all, under the hood of the Mazda CX-90, an in-line 6-cylinder 3.3-liter gasoline turbo engine with 345 “horses” can be installed. An alternative is the 2.5-liter PHEV hybrid, which offers 327 horsepower and a 17.8 kWh battery. Unfortunately, the reserve of autonomous driving distance on electricity has not yet been specified. In two cases, an 8-speed automatic transmission and an all-wheel drive system work together with the engines. As the flagship status requires!

And inside the Mazda CX-90, you can see a 3-row interior, there will be no options with a regular 2-row interior – and this is also a level and indicator. In front, it is worth noting a digital instrument panel and a projection on the windshield, a central 12.3-inch touch screen, and a combination of Nappa leather and wood. However, in the case of the Mazda CX-90, all the most interesting things are hidden behind. Namely, an excellent reserve of space for passengers, separate climate control and ventilation deflectors, and heating and ventilation of the second row of seats.

Everything is correct: because the Mazda CX-90 will be positioned not only as a flagship but also as an ideal large car for a family – they like this in the USA. By the way, the main market for the new Mazda CX-90 is the USA. Although we would really like to see such a car in Ukraine, right?