As reported by Bloomberg, since the beginning of the hot phase of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Ukraine has already received more than 4,000 units of heavy weapons from the allies – tanks, IFVs, armored personnel carriers, self-propelled guns, MLRS, and aircraft. These data coincide with monitoring data by Oryx.

This figure includes approximately 410 Soviet-style tanks received from former Warsaw Pact countries – T-72s of various modifications from the Czech Republic, Poland, Macedonia, the United States and the Netherlands, plus 28 M-55 from Slovenia and Germany. Now we are waiting for Challenger 2, and after January 20, 2023 at the next meeting of the Ramstein contact group, there should be more offers of Western tanks.

There are more than 300 infantry fighting vehicles, mostly IFV-1 from the Czech Republic, Poland, Greece, Slovenia and Slovakia. Plus 40 Marder and 50 M2 Bradley are coming. The Ukrainian military has already started training on the M2 Bradley.

M2 Bradley

Armored personnel carriers – about 1,100, including 300 M113 and 250 M1117 from USA, plus other variants of this popular vehicle from other NATO countries.

MRAP vehicles – approximately 925, including 440 International M1224 MaxxPro from the USA.

International MaxxPro

Wheeled armored personnel carriers – more than 1,540, 1,250 of which are American HMMWVs.

Towed artillery – more than 300 units, 142 of which are American M777.

Self-propelled guns – approximately 220 units, plus more than 180 ordered. The lion’s share of artillery and self-propelled guns are in NATO calibers.

MLRS systems – approximately 95 units, of which 38 HIMARS and 13 M270 MLRS and its European variations.


More than 40 artillery anti-aircraft systems, including 37 Gepard from Germany, and about 50 SAMs of various levels from Stormer HVM to NASAMS.

18 Su-25 aircraft from Bulgaria and Macedonia and 40 helicopters of various classes from the USA, Portugal, Great Britain, Slovakia and other countries.

35 Bayraktar TB2 UAVs, 2,200 barrage munitions and over 415 reconnaissance UAVs.

More than 70 river vessels and USVs, plus much more.

Honestly, it’s a hell lot of weapons, enough for several NATO countries.

4000 одиниць важкої зброї

Bloomberg also calculated who provided Ukraine with more weapons (data for January-November 2022). The USA is in first place by a huge margin ($18.1 billion); in second place is Germany ($4.1 billion), which some people in our country like to blame for the slowness of decision-making and the small amount of aid; the third is Great Britain ($3.5 billion), the fourth is Poland ($2.3 billion), the fifth is usually very peaceful Canada, with only 68,000 troops in the Canadian Armed Forces ($1.2 billion). But we are very grateful to all the countries that have contributed, even a small contribution makes a difference. Thank you!