In Great Britain’s media there was information about a new weapon the government of the United Kingdom plans to send to Ukraine shortly . It’s also proved by a famous OSINT-Oryx website. We are talking about short-range air defense Stormer HVM based on the CVR(T) platform. Let’s see what that is.

Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance (Tracked) Platform, або CVR(T) is a family of small, highly mobile, suitable for air transport armored combat vehicles that have been produced since 1970 and are in service with the British Army and many other armies around the world. Currently, ten different combat vehicles have been created on the basis of CVR (T): reconnaissance, anti-tank, amphibious, command, etc.

Alvis Stormer is one of the vehicles based on CVR(T), which in turn has several variations: Stormer HVM short-range air defense, Shielder minelaying system (a reactive ground vehicle mine dispenser), Stormer 30 reconnaissance vehicles and Stormer Air Defence automated sound ranging system. The last two cars have not moved further than the prototype stage. We are more interested in Stormer HVM.

Stormer HVM – British mobile air defense system for the Armed Forces

HVM in the name Stormer HVM stands for High Velocity Missile, the Starstreak High Velocity Missile, we were writing about and which have already shown themselves very well in Ukraine. A rocket that accelerates to 3.5 Machs and has three damage agents is a terrible force. However, if previously the United Kingdom transferred only portable Starstreak MANPADS to the Armed Forces, now we are talking about entire systems on a full-tracked chassis.

Stormer HVM has eight Starstreak HVM launch tubes in a turret, plus eight more missiles of additional ammunition. Besides that, Stormer is a very maneuverable and fast car (up to 80 km/h), which will allow even more effective use of hit-and-run tactics, which have shown themselves well against the Russian invasion.

Stormer HVM – British mobile air defense system for the Armed Forces

That’s interesting that a part of Stormer HVMs is now being modified to the new British Martlet multi-purpose light missile which can be used as air-to-ground, air-to-surface, and surface-to-surface missiles. Martlet came into service only in 2021, so most likely Ukraine will receive old versions of Stormer HVM from Starstreak, so they can’t be used as light anti-tank systems.

Though additional mobile air defense, especially in the context of the battle for Donbas, which began yesterday, will not be extra.
Currently, it’s unknown how many Stormer HVMs will arrive in Ukraine, but it is known that this will happen before the end of April.

Stormer HVM – British mobile air defense system for the Armed Forces

ТТХ Stormer HVM
Weight – 13.5 t
Length – 5.27 m
Width – 2.76 m
Height – 2.49 m
Crew – 4
Engine – diesel Perkins
Powerplant – 250 horsepower
Range – 650 km
Maximum speed – 80 km/h
Armament – 8 missile launchers Starstreak HVM
Load – 16 missiles