At the end of last year, the Steam game service became available in new Tesla models. And this is not the only game service that will appear in electric cars. Yes, NVIDIA GeForce NOW cloud service will reach cars with Android Automotive.

On its website, the company already confirmed cooperation with Hyundai Motor Group, BYD and Polestar, which already implement the NVIDIA DRIVE platform in their models.

“We are excited to offer our customers the best in technology, comfort, and design from BYD and now the latest in gaming through NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW high-performance cloud gaming service,” said BYD Vice President and CEO of BYD America Stella Li.

In the demo video, you can see how the car owner starts the game in a stationary car and is able to waste some time while, for example, the car is charging or waiting for someone. Games can also be displayed on rear displays, so that children have something to do on the road. While driving, you won’t be able to play on the central display even from the passenger seat, but rear passengers are allowed to do so at any time.

And, probably, it is worth considering that the quality will also depend on the connection to the Internet. But these are quite personal nuances for each individual case.

They do not say how soon NVIDIA GeForce NOW will be in cars. It is unlikely to happen before the end of this year.