Tesla announced the release of a “Holiday Update” for its 2022 Model S and X electric vehicles, adding the ability to play games from Steam and listen to music through built-in Apple Music. So far, the update applies only to newer cars whose on-board computer has 16 GB of RAM.

Tesla says Steam brings “thousands” of games to its cars, though it’s hard to say whether all of them will work well. This is not the first time that Tesla has used Cyberpunk 2077 in a promotional video.

The holiday update also adds other features. For example, the updated light show mode allows you to schedule a show that will be displayed on several cars at the same time. The company released a pretty funny video to demonstrate this:

Car owners will also be able to make zoom calls from the cabin camera and view the car’s interior from the Tesla app while in Dog or Sentry mode. The update with the official number 2022.44.25 is rolling out now.