The recent launch of self-repair programs of gadgets from the Apple company still offers a rather limited range of devices with which users are allowed to conduct “operations” outside the service center. Four months after the launch, the ability to repair was added to some MacBook models. Now the company’s desktops have joined them.

Manuals and repair kits have arrived for the iMac, Mac mini, and Mac Studio, and with them, the Studio Display monitors. The story with laptops is repeated here, because only desktops with proprietary processors are available for self-repair, previous ones with Intel are not.

And as always, some details will be very expensive. For example, a new matrix for Studio Display costs (in the US) $976.12, or $879.12 if the user returns the broken one “home”. There is also a restriction that will not allow you to order frosted glass if it was previously glossy (and vice versa), which will be checked by serial number when ordering parts and tools.

Well, it is also worth remembering that repairing any gadget remains a rather difficult and fragile task. Additional damage during repairs will cost considerable amounts, and the presence of instructions does not guarantee the user that everything will be done neatly. Therefore, the company itself advises to contact a certified service center if possible.

We remind you that at the beginning of December, the self-repair program also launched in European countries as well.