For a long time, Apple forbade self-repair of its devices and in various ways encouraged customers to contact only its own services and authorized service centers. This year, it has changed dramatically, and anyone who considers their skills sufficient for repair can rent the necessary tools and spare parts to restore their smartphone or laptop.

This, of course, will not help you save money and will require a certain level of self-confidence, but the company still offers this option.

Previously, this program was launched in the USA, and now it has also appeared in European countries. Users in the UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, and Sweden can now rent a set of tools and parts that will be sent by post. Along with the relevant instructions, of course. To begin with, users can independently repair iPhone 12, 13 and SE of the third generation, and the company’s computers include MacBooks with M-series processors.

As for prices, for example, an iPhone 13 battery replacement will cost £70.78/€77.04, with the possibility of returning £24.16/€26.26 by sending back the old one, and a display replacement costs £282.28/€ 327.11, with a refund of £34.85/€40.32 for a broken one.

In its press release, the company still insists that it is better to contact certified craftsmen if possible, because “this is the safest and most reliable method of repair.”

And although repairing previous iPhone models can indeed be inconvenient and difficult for most users, as demonstrated by iFixit specialists with the new iPhone 14 model, Apple is still starting to modify internal components to improve the maintainability of its gadgets.