Apple has finally launched a self-service repair program for its devices, which was announced last November. So far, it works only in the United States. At Self-Service Repair Store you can order the necessary details, read the repair instructions and talk with support.

Currently, the service covers only a few iPhone models (you can download repair instructions from the links):

As you can see, the program did not even include the iPhone 11, which the company still sells on its website. However, Macs should be on the list of devices in the future.

Apple has launched an iPhone self service repair program

Note that Apple sells parts, both separately and in the form of so-called “bundles”. The latter consist of the element needed to replace (for example, the camera unit), as well as spare screws and additional parts. You can also rent a set of repair tools for $49 a week. Users can replace the battery, lower speaker, camera unit, display, SIM card tray and Taptic Engine module.

However, Apple also offers to reimburse part of the funds if you send the company a replaced item. In this case, for example, self-replacement of the battery in the iPhone 13 Pro Max will cost $46.85 ($71 the usual price of the bundle, minus $24.15 for the return of the item). In the Apple Store, this procedure costs $69, so you can save about $20. But only if you have the necessary tools for repair. Otherwise you will have to buy them or pay $49 to rent a set.