Despite the difficult situation in Ukraine, new cars still continue to debut for our market. Recently, the official importer of Opel published the price for the Opel Astra model of the new generation. Along with this, it became known about the available versions of the novelty for our market. So…

The new generation of Opel Astra: everything is also the European “C-class”

For the Opel company, the Astra model is like a “brand ambassador”. After all, in Europe, the traditional C-class hatchback is still very popular, and the new Opel Astra model is 100% its representative: the length of the hatchback is 4.37 meters, the width is 1.86 meters – the car has only slightly grown compared to its predecessor.

At the same time, Opel designers worked carefully on the exterior to give the Opel Astra a much more dynamic appearance. And also the new face of the brand – the signature design of the Opel Vizor: a single flat black surface in front that unites the headlights.

The history of Opel Astra does not even begin with the first generation Astra Astra, but from the Kadett model of the late 1930s. The main design feature of the new Opel Astra from the outside is the brand face of Opel Vizor.

And the main design feature of the Opel Astra inside is a fully digital Opel Pure Panel front panel: two displays connected to each other in a single horizontal module. However, note that some settings (such as climate control) can still be controlled using physical switches – which is handy!

In addition, it is worth noting the increase in the wheelbase to 2,675 meters, which guarantees space for passengers. Finally, a few words about the trunk: the hatchback Opel Astra offers a useful volume of 422 liters, the ability to adjust the level of the floor height, as well as folding rear seats.

The interior is designed according to the Opel Pure Panel concept (two combined displays), seats with AGR certification can be installed here, and the standard trunk volume of 422 liters increases to 1,332 liters with the seats folded.

Technology for Ukraine: what we will have and what we will not have

The Opel Astra hatchback has front-wheel drive and a transverse engine arrangement. The suspension of the front wheels is made completely independent, a torsion beam is used behind. This is a standard design for C-class cars. So what interesting things can be found in the technical features of the Opel Astra?

For example, the offer for Ukraine is only 130-horsepower engines – either the gasoline 1.2-liter PureTech (130 hp and 230 Nm) or the 1.5-liter turbodiesel BlueHDi (130 hp and 300 Nm). Not impressive? Are these familiar and well-known engines? And if we add the fact that they will be offered exclusively with an 8-speed automatic transmission? Yes, yes, it is true – there will be no versions with manual transmission for the new Opel Astra hatchback in Ukraine: choosing a new Opel Astra, you immediately get sufficient power, an automatic transmission, and a good set of equipment.

By the way, with regard to complete sets – two of them are declared for Ukraine. First, the Edition version: ABS and ESP systems, cruise control, lane keeping, traffic sign recognition, front and rear parking sensors, LED headlights, Opel Pure Panel digital panel (two 10-inch displays), climate control, comfortable heated seats (AGR seat for the driver), heated steering wheel, 16-inch alloy wheels. Secondly, this is the Elegance version, which adds the following: adaptive cruise control, rearview camera, dual-zone climate control, AGR front seats, interior backlighting, Opel Pure Panel Pro with glass design. As options, Intelli-Lux LED Pixel matrix headlights, an air quality control system, monitoring of the “blind spots” of the mirrors, and others are offered.

So, that’s what will happen in Ukraine – two engines and two configurations. And now about what will not happen in Ukraine. Unfortunately, there will be no “station wagon” body, no “heated” version of Opel Astra GSe, there will not be an electric Opel Astra. At least “for now”. We’ll see later – but, at least, I really want to see the station wagon and the GSe.

Opel Astra cost “less than a million hryvnias” and who are the competitors

Finally, about the prices. The Opel Astra hatchback in the Edition configuration with a 1.2-liter gasoline engine starts from UAH 999,900. A similar car, but with a 1.5-liter turbodiesel, costs from UAH 1,045,600. The next level is the Elegance configuration. The Opel Astra Elegance variant with a gasoline 1.2-liter engine will cost from UAH 1,093,000. The price of Opel Astra in the top Elegance version and paired with a 1.5-liter turbodiesel engine is from UAH 1,138,100.

Who are the competitors? C-class cars were once very popular in Ukraine: Citroen C4, Ford Focus, Honda Civic, Mazda3, Peugeot 308, Volkswagen Golf and many, many other models. However: some have left, others are in the process of changing generations (and have not yet arrived in Ukraine), others have changed their essence.

But the eternal competitor Volkswagen Golf remained – it is more expensive (from UAH 1.25 million), but immediately offers a 150-horsepower engine. Here is another example: the Citroen C4 car has changed its essence a little – from now on it is not a traditional C-class hatchback, but an enlarged model based on the B-class. But with a soft suspension, high clearance, a wide selection of versions: there are gasoline engines with a capacity of up to 155 hp, there is a turbodiesel, there are three configurations, there is a manual or an automatic transmission. And the price is lower – from UAH 760,000. A similar story applies to the Skoda Scala (yes, the competitor is the compact Scala hatchback, not the enlarged Octavia liftback): a wider choice of equipment, more options for gasoline engines, lower prices; but no diesel.

The most dangerous competitors for Opel Astra are the “eternal” Volkswagen Golf, and also Citroen C4 and Skoda Scala: a little smaller, but more affordable.

Is Opel Astra going to be a success in Ukraine? Taking into account engines, versions, competitors? It is difficult to answer now, only time will tell. But you can be sure that this car will definitely find its buyer in Ukraine.