The new generation of Opel Astra received the most powerful version, which is now designated as GSe. However, if earlier the letter “e” indicated the fuel injection system, now this letter indicates electrification. After all, the Opel Astra GSe car is a plug-in hybrid. And the Opel Astra GSe is a hatchback or station wagon: the new product will debut in two bodies at once.

In any case, a 1.6-liter gasoline “turbo” with an addition in the form of an electric motor will be installed under the hood – the total power reaches 225 “horses”, the torque is 360 Nm. It is also worth noting the use of a classic 8-speed automatic transmission and the ability to cover up to 63 km exclusively on electric drive, provided the battery is fully charged.

But the biggest feature of the Opel Astra GSe is not even in the power of the PHEV hybrid, but in the chassis: special Koni FSD shock absorbers, original springs, ground clearance reduced by 10 mm, new steering wheel settings – all according to the “classics of supercharged cars”. Like the big wheels and original front bumper on the outside, or the sport seats and metal pedals on the inside.

The new Opel Astra GSe cars should reach the European dealer network for sales as early as January 2023.