This time, Apple paid special attention to emergency situations, in which users of new smartphones will be able to call for help where there is no coverage of cellular networks. This is thanks to an exclusive partnership with Globalstar, which owns the satellite network. But everyone has competitors, so Samsung does not plan to be left behind in this situation.

Samsung is reportedly partnering with Iridium, which has 66 satellites in low orbit and since the beginning of the year is negotiating with smartphone manufacturers. What’s more, the plans for such cooperation include not only the transmission of emergency messages, but even “data transmission, such as text messages and images of low quality, at a speed of hundreds of kbit/s.”

Such functionality will give Samsung a significant advantage over Apple, because the iPhone 14 can only send messages with coordinates, and not even about the transfer of images.

Also, among the updates, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra may feature an updated Qualcomm third-generation ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. Currently, it is not known exactly what improvements he should implement. There is an assumption that in this way it is possible to increase the size of the scanner.

We will remind you that the launch of the new line of Samsung Galaxy S23 flagships is planned for the beginning of February 2023.