Ukrainian studio Tsebro Games shared a trailer for the game One More Day, dedicated to the Russian-Ukrainian war and ordinary Ukrainians who were able to change everything.

This is a social volunteer simulator based on real stories of Ukrainians. The game is being prepared for release in February 2023, and the authors plan to donate a third of the profits from all sales to volunteer funds.

The development of the project began in February-March 2022, in December One More Day should reach the stage of the beta version, in February 2023 it will be released on Steam, and in April 2023 on Android and iOS.

Using the opportunity, we decided to ask the authors of One More Day a few questions and heard the following story of the company and the game.

Please tell us about Tsebro Games!
Tsebro Games is a company founded by four women to help publish games for and about Ukraine (just a few days ago we wrote that we need more Ukrainian games about Ukraine, and here is the answer – ed. ). Currently, there are several projects in the works, each of them has different teams, but One More Day is simply a star. Many developers with AAA projects behind their shoulders volunteered to help us, so we will be able to complete it quite quickly.

One More Day, a volunteer simulator from a Ukrainian studio

Who is the game One More Day aimed at?
Each of our projects has its own goal. One More Day is a way to attract an audience that did not respond to direct requests for donations, but is ready to pay for an interesting product, to support Ukraine. Those who have given us money because they sympathize are starting to drain financially and emotionally, so we see this game as a way to get them involved “painfully”, softening the real reality of war with cartoony graphics and carefully written texts.

That is why the promotional campaign of the game as a product is aimed more at the foreign consumer. Our Ukrainian crowdfunding (which will take place on Spilnokosht, as soon as we finish with legal issues) has a different message – we present One More Day as a tool for attracting donations and offer to invest in it, so that the funds with interest return to the Ukrainian volunteer movement.

One More Day, a volunteer simulator from a Ukrainian studio

How many people are developing the game and do they already have experience with previous game projects?
Currently, about 15 people are working on the project – game designers, artists, programmers, sound engineers, testers, etc. Sometimes, when necessary, we involve external specialists.

The average experience of our team is 5 years. However, there are those who are much longer in gamedev.

When did the idea for the game arise and what are the future plans?
The idea of ​​the game arose in February, literally in the first days of a full-scale war. The four of us sat in the cold kitchen and told each other stories so that it wouldn’t be so scary. And in the end, one of us asked: why not make a game? Then we suggested it to our colleagues, they joined in, and the work took off.

We are planning a release in February 2023 – quite a serious deadline for a small game, but apart from that we have to work, volunteer, take care of loved ones or rebuild our lives even abroad. We hope that now that we have gone to crowdfunding, the process will go much faster.

We are currently preparing a short demo for Indie Cup Ukraine 22, so the week before the application will be incredibly busy.

One More Day, a volunteer simulator from a Ukrainian studio

In-game donations are planned in the game about volunteers. What is it?
In-game donating is a complex topic. How not to turn the game into a request to “give us money” and at the same time not deviate from the main goal: to attract as much money as possible from abroad for volunteer funds?

We went the way of integrating donations into the gameplay. Players will have the opportunity to perform some volunteer “feat” – crowdfund Bayraktar, organize a hundred liters of donor blood, take an elephant out of the zoo under fire, etc. (this is not spoilers, this is an example of the scale of quests). And at the end, receiving a well-deserved credit, they will be able to read the real story of those who did something similar, and donate to the fund that works to solve these issues.

One More Day, a volunteer simulator from a Ukrainian studio

How long will the game be?
As for the duration of the game, we cannot say yet. It can definitely be completed in one thoughtful evening, but the non-linearity of the plot and the number of quests will allow you to try new and new ways and discover new endings.

Thank you for the answers. Cheers to you and good donations!