Indie Cup Ukraine’22 is the first exclusively Ukrainian indie game competition held by the company GTP Media, organizers of the online festival of independent game developers Indie Cup. Starting today, everyone can submit their projects to the competition.

The previous season of the Indie Cup, in which indie teams from various countries of Eastern Europe participated, was interrupted with the beginning of a full-scale invasion of Russian terrorists into Ukraine. The new Indie Cup Ukraine’22 is a charity festival. Until December 22, 2022, the international and Ukrainian audience of the Indie Cup can donate money to a number of initiatives in support of Ukraine on the competition website. The first of them was the collection of a reconnaissance drone for the 93rd Independent Kholodnyi Yar Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces, which is currently protecting the city of Bakhmut, as well as a truck to deliver clean drinking water to Mykolaiv, where it has not been available for six months. New initiatives will be added over time.

For developers, the Indie Cup is an opportunity to show their unreleased game to experts and the general public, as well as compete for victory in the competition. Participants will compete for awards and prizes, and will be able to meet publishers, influencers, press and other potential partners. The best games will also receive written comments from the contest judges.

For the general public, Indie Cup is a chance to look into the future of Ukrainian indie games. The organizers are doing everything possible to make them familiar not only to the Ukrainian audience but also to players all over the world.

The most interesting games of Indie Cup Ukraine’22 will be able to participate in the Indie Cup Celebration sale on Steam, as well as other Indie Cup sales.

Indie Cup Ukraine’22 schedule:

  • Acceptance of projects: October 25 – November 21
  • Online exhibition: November 24
  • The first stage of judging: November 24 – December 5
  • Presentation of nominees: December 8
  • Second stage of judging: December 8 – December 19
  • Presentation of winners: December 22

You can submit your game for PC or mobile devices by November 21 at this link.

Participation in Indie Cup Ukraine’22 is free of charge.