The arrival in Ukraine of additional air defense systems, Norwegian NASAMS and of Spanish Aspide was announced on Twitter by Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksii Reznikov.

The number of SAMs received by Ukraine is not disclosed, but earlier they were mentioning one battery Aspide Spada and at least two NASAMS complexes.

The Spada battery in its maximum configuration has 12 launchers of 6 Aspide missiles each and can cover an area of ​​800 square meters. km, that is, a square of almost 30 by 30 km, this will be enough, for example, to protect the critical infrastructure of Kyiv and some suburban areas. A single NASAMS complex with 6 launch containers will cover about the same area, but will not cope with a mass attack. But, most likely, the transferred air defense systems will be integrated into the general air defense structure of the Air Force of the Armed Forces, so they will not work alone.

We hope that thanks to the new air defense systems, the next massive attack by the Russian aggressors will be less destructive to Ukraine’s energy system. And we are waiting for additional air defense and even anti-missile defense systems, the transfer of which was announced by President Zelensky.

Air defense systems NASAMS and Aspide are already in Ukraine!

Tactical and technical specifications of the NASAMS air defense system
Range – 2.5 to 40 km
Target elevation – 30 m to 21 km
Reaction time – 10 s
Deployment/packing time – 15/3 min
Target speed – up to 1000 m/s
AIM-120 AMRAAM missile:
Weight – 152 kg
Combat unit – 22,7 kg
Length – 3,7 m
Diameter – 18 cm
Speed – 1361 m/s
G-force – 40 g

Air defense systems NASAMS and Aspide are already in Ukraine!

Aspide missiles specifications
Starting weight – 220 kg
Mass of the warhead – 30 kg
Length – 3.7 m
Diameter – 0.203 m
Wingspan – 0.8 m
Range – 25 km (surface-air), 40 km (air-air)
Target height – up to 8 000 m
Flight speed: 4 Machs, 1324 m/s
Powerplant – solid propellant rocket SNIA-Viscosa
Guidance system – single-pulse semi-active radar target seeker device Selenia