The first official information about the electric sedan Toyota bZ3 has finally been released. What is known? It is known that the electric car was created in cooperation between Toyota, BYD, and FAW. And also, for example, the overall dimensions are known: length – 4.725 m, width – 1.835 m, height – 1.475 m, wheelbase – 2.88 m.

It is also known that the streamlined design justifies itself. After all, the declared aerodynamic coefficient Cd is only 0.218. Probably, this indicator is one of the factors that make it possible to reach a range of 600+ km (although according to Chinese measurement rules). The Toyota bZ3 electric car is built on the e-TNGA platform, just like the related Toyota bZ4X crossover.

The dimensions of the LFP battery are currently unknown, but it is promised that it will retain 90% of its capacity during 10 years of operation. Also, the power of the electric motors was not officially announced, but earlier there was information about two versions – with 184 or 245 “horses”.

But let’s return to what is known. Famous interior design. And here the Digital Island concept attracts the most attention – a combination of a vertical display and an “island” with controls. Another display, but much smaller in size, acts as an instrument panel. And for the convenience of rear passengers, a flat floor and electric heating are provided.

Currently, the Toyota bZ3 electric sedan is the second representative of the bZ family – but not the last. At least one compact crossover and one large electric car are still expected.