For several months now, the Internet has mentioned a subscription plan to Netflix with advertising. It will, of course, be cheaper and will have fewer features. And this will become a reality very soon.

According to Engadget, there will be more restrictions than it might seem at first. For starters, ads can be shown four to five times an hour, which is not that little. It will be shown before and during viewing, and the length of advertising blocks will be 15-30 seconds. Of course, there will also be some ad targeting based on country, show genres, etc.

In addition, the resolution will be limited to only 720p, and the cheapest subscription will not be able to download content for later viewing – only online. What’s more, there will also be restrictions on the amount of content, because not all movies and series will be available for viewing in such a package (although Netflix is ​​still working on this).

So there will be enough incentives to prepay for more expensive subscription plans.

To begin with, the tariff with advertising will be tested in 12 countries: the USA, Great Britain, Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Japan, Mexico and South Korea. Its cost will be $7 per month, and it will be launched starting on November 3.