Colleagues from the PlayUA site, who recently created a Steam curator Beware russian Games continued their educational work and added another Steam curator Ukrainian Games, which, according to the name, will mark games created by Ukrainian developers. Currently, there are 101 games from Ukraine on the list.

In fact, this is not the first attempt to systematize Ukrainian games. At one time, the magazines Home PC and Gameplay conducted an annual “census” of Ukrainian games under development. Small list of Ukrainian games is available on Wikipedia.

There are also corresponding pages on Steam: a list in the Ukraine community; games with Ukrainian localization from the curator Ukrainian Translations (there are already 255 games, but not all of them are recommended by this curator to domestic players). But one of the largest lists of Ukrainian games was collected by users of the Steam Gifts service.

Please note that the new curator Ukrainian Games marks Ukrainian games with russian publishers with an additional mark 🛑✋. Recalling the case of Chasm: The Rift, it is important.

PlayUA invites players who know domestic games, which are not yet on the list of the “Ukrainian games” curator, to write about it at Discord server, the forum Ukrainian Games or tag @playua on Twitter.