Colleagues from the website PlayUA did a very useful thing that should have been done a long time ago. They created a Steam curator “Beware russian games”, the only function of which is to warn players that this or that game was created by russian developers.

The thing is that recently many russian studios are masking as Western and even Ukrainian studios. Such games may even have Ukrainian localization, as, for example, in There Is No Light. But this is a russian game, its developers pay taxes in russia, and attract currency to the country, that is, they pay for the missiles and shells that kill Ukrainians.

The curator “Beware russian games” labels all russian games with the same comment: “THIS IS A RUSSIAN GAME. By buying it (or even just adding it to your wishlist), you are supporting the enemies of our country.”

As of now, 127 games developed in a terrorist country have been spotted, but there are of course many more on Steam (and this is actually a BIG question for Steam). So if you know of a russian game that hasn’t made it to this list yet, write to the curator “Beware russian games” at Discord Channels, on the Steam Discussion Page, or tag @playua on Twitter.

Everything russian should be blocked. Russian – kills!