At its annual September event, Amazon showed not only the new Kindle Scribe, but also the new, fifth generation of compact “smart” Echo Dot speakers. They retain the spherical design of the previous generation, which was introduced back in 2020, but were greatly updated “inside”.

So, the new speaker implements a new sound architecture, thanks to which it produces twice as much bass compared to the previous model, Amazon promises. It also uses Amazon’s own AZ2 Neural Engine chip, which makes the speaker even “smarter”, a new temperature sensor is installed and new control gestures are added.

Amazon introduced the fifth generation of spherical Echo Dot speakers

In addition, the new Echo Dots can be used as Wi-Fi extenders in Amazon’s own Eero Mesh system. The version of the speaker with a clock (Echo Dot with Clock) has had an updated display – it has become brighter, received a higher resolution and can now show more information, for example, the name of the track and the name of the artist, events from the calendar or the weather forecast.

The regular speaker received an additional color option — Deep Sea Blue, the price remained unchanged, $49.99. The watch version also has a new color — Cloud Blue, priced at $59.99. In addition to regular versions, models for children, Echo Dot Kids, appeared in the line. They are made in the design of toy owls or dragons and can “communicate” with children with appropriate voices. Echo Dot Kids also costs $59.99, which includes a one-year subscription to the Kids Plus service.

Amazon introduced the fifth generation of spherical Echo Dot speakers

Amazon is now accepting pre-orders, which are scheduled to be sent next month.