Amazon introduced Kindle Scribe, its first e-book, which received a touch screen not only for flipping book pages but also for handwriting or drawing thanks to pen support. The novelty will be available worldwide at a price of $339.99 and will have a basic stylus included.

The Kindle Scribe has a 10.2-inch E Ink display with a pixel density of 300 ppi that adapts to the surrounding environment both day and night. Amazon said the screen has a paper-like feel that enhances the writing process, taking note-taking and annotating to the next level. Kevin Keith, Amazon’s vice president of product and marketing, said at the time of the announcement that the screen was the reason Scribe took so long to develop.

Amazon Kindle Scribe is the first Kindle that lets you write and draw

“This is the first 300ppi, front-lit display that has an adjustable warm light. And that makes sure it doesn’t have any compromise between the reading and writing experience,” says Keith. Historically, larger E Ink displays have meant lower resolution. According to him, Scribe has the typical Kindle contrast and clarity, but at the same time adds all the necessary technologies that allow you to write on the entire surface.

The Kindle Scribe will come with a Basic Pen, and for an additional $30, Amazon will offer a more advanced version of the Premium Pen with a customizable hotkey and a sensor that mimics an eraser at the top. Both styluses use the same Wacom EMR technology and attach to the side of the Scribe with a magnet, but are battery-free and do not require charging.

Amazon Kindle Scribe is the first Kindle that lets you write and draw

The pen allows you to add “sticky notes” on the pages of the book while reading on Kindle Scribe, which are then displayed and stored in one place. In addition to taking notes while reading, the user can also use Kindle Scribe as a portable notepad by choosing one of the preset templates for various needs such as sketching, journaling, and to-do lists.

In addition, you can send documents from your smartphone or computer to Scribe to write in PDF files and sign documents electronically. Early next year, a software update should also add the ability to send documents to Scribe directly from Microsoft Word.

The Scribe’s design borrows from the Kindle Oasis, with a thick bezel on one side designed to hold in the hand. The device is 5.8 mm thick and weighs 430 grams.

Like other Kindles in Amazon’s lineup, the Kindle Scribe will connect to the Kindle Store and give consumers access to more than 13 million titles worldwide. With the purchase of Kindle Scribe, US customers receive a free four-month subscription to Kindle Unlimited, which provides access to a wide selection of more than 3 million e-books.