This is what AUTOCAR says. By the end of this decade, the Czech company should present the successor to its bestseller and it will be an electric car with the conventional name Skoda Octavia EV. And by this time, the Skoda company will have time to launch several new electric cars: the serial version Skoda Vision 7S, a compact electric car for the city, etc.

At the moment, it is difficult to say exactly how the Skoda Octavia EV electric car will be built; it is possible that they will use the common MEV platform for it. But it is already known that the current generation of Skoda Octavia will remain for some sales markets where traditional diesel engines will be allowed.

After all, the essence of all transformations is that from 2035, the sale of cars with gasoline or diesel engines will be prohibited in most European countries. By this time, it is necessary to switch to electric cars as much as possible. Representatives of the Skoda company expect that by 2030 it will be electric cars that will provide 70% of the profit – and further the share will only grow.