Finally, SKODA presented its long-awaited new concept car Vision 7S, which turned out to be very interesting in many respects. For example, in its format: the SKODA Vision 7S concept car represents a large 7-seater crossover made in the company’s new design style.

You can note the T-shaped headlights and taillights, the text SKODA instead of the traditional logo, the very sloping front roof pillars and the almost vertical end of the side glazing, large 22-inch wheels. Another eye-catcher is the seven vertical slit lines, which are functional: they are used as air vents, and the orange central element is actually a folding tow hook.

In addition, the SKODA Vision 7S concept car is distinguished by an unusual symmetrical arrangement of six seats and a centrally located child seat – in general, we get a 7-seat interior, access to which is provided by doors that open in different directions. It is also worth noting the large central 14.6-inch display, which can occupy a vertical or horizontal position – depending on the settings.

In addition, there is also an 8.8-inch display for the driver and a folding steering wheel: in Relax mode, it moves away to free up more space for relaxation. Even such small things as magnetic surfaces for fixing branded boxes and backpacks are provided: this is SKODA practicality and moderation!

It was already known that the SKODA Vision 7S concept is an electric car. However, some technical details have since been added. For example, the battery capacity is 89 kWh, which should be enough for 600 km (or even more) of mileage according to the WLTP measurement cycle. It was also announced that the electric car will be able to be charged with electric current with a capacity of up to 200 kW.

It is precisely this careful development of the concept – in the design, interior, and technical details – that shows us the prospects of its implementation into a serial model. When? This is another question. But, it seems, in the next two or three years.