We already wrote about the new PlayStation 5 revision – CFI-1202, which became lighter and got significant interior design update. At the same time, we noted that, according to rumors, Sony switched to a new 6 nm chip in it.

And now the Angstronomics has shared new information about this console revisions. Indeed, it has an updated Oberon Plus chipset manufactured by TSMC using the 6nm process. As a reminder, the original PS5 used the Oberon chipset (7nm). There are no changes in the specifications – the Oberon Plus is also based on the Zen2 and RDNA2 architectures, but has become slightly smaller in size – approximately 260 mm² (versus 300 mm² in the Oberon).

The new revision of the PlayStation 5 received a new, more energy-efficient Oberon Plus chip
Left: 6nm Oberon Plus, right: 7nm Oberon (source: Angstronomics)

Such changes mean less power consumption and, as a result, a smaller cooling system. Also, the smaller physical dimensions mean that AMD will be able to get more chips from a single silicon wafer — and this will lead to lower console production costs. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X|S consoles, which are also based on AMD’s 7nm chips, are expected to switch to the new technology soon.