As reported by the Australian gaming resource Press Start, Sony once again released a new revision of the PlayStation 5 without much fanfare, which has become even lighter than the previous one.

Earlier, Japanese retailers announced that a new PS5 model should go on sale in September — CFI-1200. But like last time, Australia is once again the first country to see a new revision of the console – local chains EB Games, Harvey Norman, and JB Hi-Fi are already receiving the first batches of both versions of the PlayStation 5, digital (CFI-1202B) and disk drive (CFI-1202A).

At first glance, the only difference in the new revision was again a reduction in the weight of the consoles: the digital version weighs 3.4 kg – this is 200 g less than the previous model (and as much as 500 g less than the original version at the start of sales). As for the disc version, it has lost weight by 300 and 600 g, respectively. In other words, the new disc version now weighs the same as the original digital version.

The previous revision, the CFI-1102, which was released last year, received an updated cooling system, and the weight reduction was then due to the use of a new, lighter radiator. It is quite possible that this time the changes also concern the cooling — but it will be possible to say for sure what the difference is in the CFI-1200 model only when some enthusiast dares to disassemble the newly purchased console.

In addition, according to rumors, Sony in the new revision had to switch to the new AMD chipset, which is manufactured using the 6 nm process (against 7 nm in the current models). This could also lead to changes in the cooling of the PlayStation 5.