Except movies and series Disney announced several more games at D23, one of which, which doesn’t even have a name yet, is really attracting attention.

This is a crossover of the stories of Captain America and Black Panther, the events of which take place during the Second World War in Europe and Wakanda. And yes, of course, Hydra is also involved.

The game is being worked on by graphic designer and screenwriter Amy Hennig, who previously worked at Crystal Dynamics and Naughty Dog. She herself put her hands on such well-known series as Legacy of Kain (ah, what a game it was!) and Uncharted. Her latest work, Forspoken, will be released in 2023. Together with Amy, the new game is supervised by Mark Bernardin, a comic book writer and screenwriter who has worked on such series as Castle Rock, Treadstone, Carnival Row, and Star Trek: Picard.

The game is being developed by Skydance Interactive, the gaming division of Skydance Media, the same production company that made, for example, Top Gun: Maverick, all the latest Mission: Impossible and Star Trek, and a bunch of popular series besides.

According to the information we already have, the main characters of the game will be young Steve Rogers / Captain America, Black Panther / Azzurri (this is T’Challa’s grandfather from the MCU films), American soldier Gabriel Jones and spy Nanali from Dora Milaje. As we have already noted, the game does not have a name yet, that is, there is still a lot of time before the release of this project.