CARSCOOPS tells about an interesting idea – the creation of a sports version of the luxury sedan Audi A8. It is worth noting that this is not a proprietary idea, but only “free sketches” from Hycade. However, it turned out to be quite interesting and organic. The Audi RS8 car fits well into the line of exclusive A8 versions.

We will remind: the Audi A8 car is a large sedan of the premium class. Such models immediately offer powerful engines, maximum comfort, and innovative equipment. If this is not enough, in the case of the Audi A8, they can choose the versions of the Audi S8 (the main thing here is the 571-horsepower V8 engine) or the Audi A8 Horch (and here the main increase in the wheelbase and length is up to 5.45 m).

What does the Audi RS8 model have to offer? First, increasing the “degree”: extended wheel arches give a more dynamic and sporty look. And the signature double exhaust with oval nozzles connects the possible Audi RS8 model with the RS line. Plus a huge radiator grille and even bigger wheels.

Second, a significant increase in power must be offered. Example of Lambo hints that the V8 engine has reserves for improvement: at least to the level of 650-700 “horses”. And all-wheel drive, sports suspension, carbon brakes – all this is already available even in the Audi S8.

So, does the Audi RS8 stand a chance of becoming a reality? Only time will tell. But the first sketches already look quite interesting!