Back in April, the former IT director of PrivatBank and co-founder of Monobank Dmytro Dubilet invited Ukrainian product companies to partner to create an alternative to 1C and other Russian business software. It seems that he really spent all this time to good use, because today he announced the launch of a new company, Navkolo.

“Navkolo’s mission is to provide cool IT services for small and medium-sized businesses. Today we have two modules — accounting and trade automation. Later, other services for different functions and segments will appear,” writes Dubilet.

According to the entrepreneur, even if we do not take into account that 1C is a Russian product, Ukrainian business should have abandoned “those terrible programs of the 90s” a long time ago.

However, Navkolo will not be a direct replacement for 1C or other Russian software, as the company will not develop the software independently. It will work as a platform and system integrator that verifies and provides businesses with solutions from Ukrainian developers.

“Navkolo is an ecosystem. We do not create services on our own, but very carefully select the products of other Ukrainian companies and integrate them, starting to develop them together. When a service is integrated into Navkolo, it means that it has passed our check for usability, functionality, development prospects, etc.,” says Dubilet.

At the same time, Navkolo services will have a single registration, support service (phone and chat), and promise convenient interaction with government bodies, with each other and joint billing.

Currently, the company offers two solutions:

  • Navkolo.Accounting – realization, acquisition, non-current assets. Salary and personnel. Taxes, reporting. Stocks and production. Cash register and bank. Integration with the client-bank. Foreign trade, import-export. The project partner and developer is Bookkeeper;
  • Navkolo.Trading – warehouse accounting, work with prices, settlements with customers and suppliers, equipment connection, personnel accounting, CRM, cost management and detailed analytics. DNTrade became a project partner and developer.

For entrepreneurs who want to try Navkolo, Dubilet suggests leaving contacts on the project website and waiting for an invitation. For now, Navkolo is in beta, so users will be offered the first month for free and a 50% discount for the next year. The company’s website states that Navkolo.Accounting will cost UAH 249/month for one legal entity (LLC or FOP), and Navkolo.Trading will cost UAH 599/month for one point of sale. But it is not specified whether this price is without a discount for beta testers or already with it.

In addition, the Navkolo website mentions another service, navkolo.prro – software cash register with offline mode and unlimited access to checks and reports, which Dubilet does not mention in his post. Its cost is UAH 149/month for one cash register.