Former IT director of PrivatBank and co-founder of Monobank Dmytro Dubilet invites Ukrainian companies to partnership to create an alternative to Russian software security.

“In Ukraine, there is a serious dependence on Russian IT products. A lot of Ukrainian companies use 1C. The most popular front-end systems in Ukraine for restaurants, hotels, and in other areas are also Russian. It is obvious that after the war the business will be ready to finally get rid of 1C and other Russian products. We want to create a worthy and obvious alternative for them,” wrote Doublet on his Facebook page.

According to Dmytro Dubilet, due to synergy and the scale of the problem, the share in this partnership will cost Ukrainian companies more than their business itself. He suggests focusing on the following areas:

  • Trade Automation;
  • Restaurants/Bars;
  • Hotels;
  • Medicine;
  • Jewelers;
  • Sports clubs;
  • Beauty salons;
  • Repair/Auto Parts;
  • Etc.

Or by functionality (alternatives to the most popular 1C modules):

  • Accounting and tax accounting, tax reporting;
  • Inventory and warehouse management;
  • Financial management;
  • Production resource management;
  • Procurement management;
  • Personnel management and calculation of salary;

If the company has a product that is already fucntioning or is in the process of development, Dubilet offers to contact him via e-mail [email protected]. The letter should indicate which product the company is developing, what stage it is on, who the target audience are, who the development team are.