Studio Asobo and Microsoft have prepared for the Gamescom 2022 exhibition several interesting announcements related to Microsoft Flight Simulator. This is a new free updated City Update 1, a new plane from the Local Legend series – Junkers F 13 and the announcement of a free update 40th Anniversary Edition, which in terms of the number of innovations is comparable to a separate game, or at least to a large paid DLC.

As you know, the Gamescom exhibition is traditionally held in Cologne, but this year, for the first time since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is once again offline. Therefore, the first City Update 1 is dedicated to Cologne and the cities of Germany (mostly not far from Cologne). Hanover, Dortmund, Dusseldorf, Bonn, and, of course, Cologne itself received a photogrammetric look. Now the city even has the Koelnmesse exhibition complex, where Gamescom takes place. As a person who has been to Cologne and its surroundings several times (the last time in October 2021), I can confirm that it is done very well, although the bridges are a mess as always.

As for the new plane, it is the world’s first all-metal transport plane, also German. The Junkers F 13 was developed at the end of the First World War, but took to the air for the first time after its end – on June 25, 1919. The aircraft was made entirely of corrugated duralumin, and at the time it was a revolutionary technology. The Junkers F 13 was produced for 13 years, and continued to remain on commercial lines until the late 1940s. Now you can take this legendary plane into the air in Microsoft Flight Simulator. Like all planes in the Local Legends and Famous Flyer series, this is a paid DLC.

But Asobo and Microsoft have prepared something free for fans of flight simulators – Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition. The first version of the game, Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.0, developed by Bruce Artwick and the Sublogic studio, was released in November 1982. On the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the series (few games can boast such longevity), all owners of Microsoft Flight Simulator will receive an update, which will be released on November 11 2022 For the first time since 2006, this update adds two long-awaited aircraft types to the game – helicopters and gliders!

In addition, the 40th Anniversary Edition update includes other interesting aircraft: the legendary Wright Flyer (1903), Curtiss JN-4 Jenny (1915), Ryan NYP Spirit of St. Louis (1927), the Douglas DC-3 (1935), the Grumman G-21 Goose seaplane (1937), the Havilland DHC-2 Beaver (1947) and the incredible Hughes H-4 Hercules (1947), the same seaplane that attempted to lift in air Howard Hughes (see the movie The Aviator with Leonardo DiCaprio.

In total, Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th Anniversary Edition will add 4 classic commercial airports, 10 airstrips for gliders, 14 heliports, 12 new aircraft and 20 classic missions from previous parts of the game. We remind you that all this is free, as we say, it leads to a large commercial DLC.

Well, thanks to Asobo and Microsoft for the gifts and we look forward to the release.

By the way, September 2022 will be a hot one for MSFS and Asobo Studio. Sim Update 10, World Update 11: Canada, and another plane from the Local Legends series are scheduled for release this month. I would like to believe that this is finally An-2, which was supposed to be released in February 2022, but it is unlikely.