After the news about Toyota Sienta or Mitsubishi eK V EV you want to scream: “Japan, what are you doing, stop!” but the Japanese continue to “show off” in the domestic market. For example, with the car Daihatsu Tanto, which has just received new versions.

In general, the Daihatsu Tanto model is a classic Japanese “key car”, limited to 3.4 meters in length and a 0.66-liter engine. But there are no other restrictions. For example, in modification options. It is not surprising that at one time the Daihatsu Tanto model received a luxury modification called Daihatsu Tanto Custom, and from now on they also added a cross version Daihatsu Tanto FunCross.

All three cars are distinguished by their own design of the front bumper and headlights, and the new version of the Daihatsu Tanto FunCross can also offer black moldings on the doors and rails on the roof. A hint of a crossover? It is quite possible, because the Daihatsu Tanto FunCross is offered not only with front-wheel drive 2WD, but also with all-wheel drive 4WD. It is also possible to choose an engine. In any case, it will be a 0.66-liter gasoline engine but either a regular atmospheric one (52 hp), or its turbo version with 64 “horses”.

And the car is distinguished by an interesting layout of the interior and doors: the front ones open using the traditional method, and the rear ones slide. Inside the Daihatsu Tanto FunCross model, you can see textured fabric, a 9-inch touchscreen display, a CVT transmission lever, and decorative orange trim on the front panel and seats.

And one of the most important questions: what is the cost of the car? Basic versions of Daihatsu Tanto will cost from $9,000, and the maximum – like this FunCross version, with all-wheel drive, good decoration – will cost $13,000. We would like such cars and at such prices!