The Japanese car market is full of many interesting models “for the locals”. Here is a good example – the Toyota Sienta minivan, which has just been released in a new generation.

This is truly a “mini” van: its length is only about 4.3 meters. But the 2.75-meter wheelbase and high body guarantee excellent interior space, and the sliding side doors provide good access inside. By the way, these doors are also offered with an electric drive and an opening sensor – just put your foot under the side threshold. The compact small car Toyota Sienta turns out to be not so simple!

Especially when you start getting to know its power units. First, a gasoline 1.5-liter 120-horsepower engine paired with a CVT variator and front-wheel drive. Secondly, a hybrid based on the same engine, but with the addition of an electric motor. Or even two – and this is the third – because the Toyota Sienta minivan can also be equipped with the E-FOUR all-wheel drive system with an additional electric motor for driving the rear wheels.

The use of the modern TNGA platform also allowed the integration of many security systems. And in general, the car is distinguished by quite modern equipment: a multimedia system with a smartphone connection, a digital instrument panel, a circular view system, two full-time video recorders, etc. But the most important thing about the interior is that it can be 5- or 7-seater: yes, yes, even in such limited dimensions, the clever Japanese managed to create a large cabin!

The Toyota Sienta will be available for order and purchase in Japan starting this fall. At the same time, the cost is not exorbitant: from $15,000 for the basic version (regular 1.5-liter engine, front-wheel drive, 5-seater interior) to about $23,000 for the maximum performance (hybrid, all-wheel drive, 7-seater interior) . What do you think: does the Toyota Sienta minivan stand a chance?