Instagram continues to copy features of new successful social networks. But if earlier the model for innovation was TikTok (which even caused outrage), now Instagram is repeating for another new project – BeReal.

BeReal is a selfie app that claims to be a more candid and authentic alternative to mainstream social networks. Launched in 2019, the app invites users to take photos using the smartphone’s front and rear cameras at a random time every day. The user receives a prompt to take a photo, and in two minutes can view the photos taken by his friends.

Instagram’s new feature – Candid Challenges – almost completely duplicates this BeReal feature. Users who will take part in it will receive prompts to take pictures at different times every day. After receiving the prompt, the Instagram camera will open to the front and back cameras of the smartphone. Within two minutes, users will be able to take photos, which will then be uploaded to Stories.

It is not yet clear whether the feature will be launched in general. The not-yet-published novelty was noticed by a developer known for searching for early versions of future updates. However, the fact that the company is testing the possibility of adding such a feature suggests that Instagram is considering repeating BeReal.