App Store has bad news for Facebook – Meta’s app is losing ground among the best iPhone apps. TikTok and BeReal are attracting more and more young people who are switching to new social networks, informs TechCrunch.

Last year, Facebook dropped out of the top 10 free apps just seven times. This year, the number has already risen to 97, indicating a loss of ratings, while newer programs are moving to the top. For example, in the first half of 2021, Facebook lost positions only six times. In 2022 it happened 59 times according to the data of Sensor Tower.

In 2022, Facebook also once spent 37 days outside the top 10, compared to a maximum of two days last year. April was the worst month ever, with Meta’s app dropping to 44th position. It is noteworthy that BeReal rose to the top five at the same time. It is now the number one non-gaming app in the US.

Facebook recognizes the problems with popularity among young people and is trying to make changes to return it. However, the company admits that this could take years, given the way audiences are going now. Already in 2021, American teenagers spent 16% less time on Facebook than in 2020.