TikTok is at the top of the most popular social networks, and Zuckerberg can’t ignore it. Meta’s management has been prioritizing competition with the Chinese product for some time. It has planned several updates for the Facebook app to make it more competitive.

The feed is about to be significantly redesigned. It will show more recommended content from people and pages you don’t subscribe to. This was stated by Tom Ellison, who runs the Facebook application at Meta.

According to him, the social network is planned to be transformed into a Discovery Engine, which relies heavily on recommendations like the TikTok feed. Most of the recommendations will be from unconnected content, including Reels. As a result, users will see fewer posts from family and friends.

In addition, they plan to move Messenger incoming messages back to the Facebook app to encourage users to share more posts from the feed. This demonstrates how important it is for Facebook to compete with TikTok.

However, moving to more recommendations can be a challenge. Social network algorithms have already been criticized for spreading misinformation and using disagreements between people. The company promised to apply stricter rules on the recommended content. At the same time, they are changing their attitude to reducing “negative experiences”. This area has been removed from the priority.