GOG.com service launched the sale of Ukrainian games, and although the representatives of the service do not emphasize this, it is clear from the timing that it is dedicated to the Independence Day of Ukraine.

Almost all games from the GSC Game World catalog, from the first Cossacks to Venom Codename: Outbreak and FireStarter, and Cossacks 3 went on sale, same as most of the Frogwares catalog from Journey to the Center of the Earth to Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. Plus all the Best Way games from the Behind enemy lines series, unfortunately, provided by the same heir to 1C – Fulqrum Publishing. Also on sale are several games from Whale Rock Games – We are the Dwarves, Space Accident; Party Hard and Party Hard 2 from Pinokl Games; ATOM RPG and ATOM RPG: Trudograd by AtomTeam; and of course Ostriv, although here the discount is rather symbolic – only 10%.

It is interesting that more than 2 months ago, the editors of Mezha sent a letter to GOG.com with a proposal to hold just such a sale for Independence Day. We are not saying that GOG itself did not have such plans, but the coincidence is interesting.

The sale of Ukrainian games on GOG.com will continue until the end of the day on August 24, 2022.

As the editors of Mezha know, we should soon expect news about Ukrainian sales from some other game services. And yes, we contributed a little to that.

Everything will be Ukraine!