Russian publisher 1C Entertainment is changing its name to Fulqrum Games. It would seem that we care about the russians? But if you don’t want to pay money, which in the form of taxes will turn into rockets that kill Ukrainians, you should ignore everything russian, that is, the games of the new Fulqrum Games.

The official reason for the name change is an agreement with China’s Tencent, which, here is a surprise, precisely on February 25, 2022, the second day after the start of the hot phase of the war, acquired a controlling stake in 1C Entertainment. In fact, it seems that no one just wants to deal with toxic russians, which is why a new name was needed.

It seems that the new name comes from the famous statement of Archimedes: “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world”. But here’s the thing… Fulcrum is also the NATO code name for the MiG-29 fighter. Even here, russians remained russians.

China’s Tencent acquired 1C Entertainment units such as 1C Publishing (publishing), QLOC (porting and localization), Cenega (publishing in Eastern Europe) and Muve (game commerce platform). The game studio 1C Game Studios remained under the management of 1C itself.

Be careful when purchasing games on Steam, and ignore 1C – Fulqrum Games. Unfortunately, 1C, i.e. Fulqrum Games, still owns the publishing rights to many classic Ukrainian games.