Recently released smartphone Nothing Phone (1) really managed to earn a lot of attention, as a product of a completely new company. But most of it was attracted by the design of the gadget. Through the transparent back, the user can see the “internal components” and unusual illumination. Of course, I wanted to know what everything looks like in reality.

Blogger Zack Nelson, who on his channel JerryRigEverything has already managed to test the smartphone for strength, in a new video I took it apart and showed the real internal components.

The device is disassembled like most modern smartphones. The company Nothing did not invent something new with fasteners, so the use of a large amount of glue was not surprising. It holds the back cover and some interior decorations.

And as expected, these internal elements under the transparent glass are not functioning parts of the smartphone, but serve only as an aesthetic layer between the real components. Even the lights have white stickers, while the LED strips actually have a yellow base.

Interestingly, Zach promised to count all the diodes if the video gets 50 thousand likes. So far, the plan has been exceeded twice. And there should be 900 diodes.

The amount of protection against water also attracted attention. The smartphone is IP53 protected, so it should only withstand splashes. But in fact, there is more protection inside than it seems. Ports, speakers, microphones, etc. have additional protection elements. But this does not mean that the smartphone can still be submerged in water. (Besides, even A-brands still do not consider it a warranty case if water gets inside the protected flagships. Therefore, it is better to avoid water in principle.)

In everything else, Nothing Phone (1) is expected to have no non-standard or unusual design solutions. However, it was still interesting to watch the process of its “dissection”.