The American scientist Steven Thaler suffered another setback in the fight for the rights of artificial intelligence. US Supreme Patent Court recognized that only humans can be inventors and refused to protect AI copyrights with a patent.

A reminder, Thaler tried to obtain a patent for the work of art, created by the Creativity Machine artificial intelligence system. He applied to register the work as a “work for hire for the owner of Creativity Machine”, but was refused.

On Friday, a US appeals court ruled that the term “person” in the Patent Act applies only to humans, and therefore AI cannot be the author of an invention. The decision will become final unless the US Supreme Court intervenes. However, Thaler does not stop fighting. According to his lawyer, the scientist plans to file an appeal with the higher court.

Steven Thaler tried to protect the rights of AI to obtain patents not only in the USA. However, the courts of Great Britain, the European Union, and Australia also refused to accept his arguments. The only victory so far is a case won in a South African court, which said that AI can be a patent inventor.