Cooperative shooter Shatterline from the Kyiv studio Frag Lab, closed beta testing of which started in February, on the eve of a full scale invasion, finally got a page on Steam and an estimated release date.

The game is due out on Steam Early Access on February 9, 2023. Shatterline is a session-based PvEvP MMOG, so it’s a standard release option for products of this type. Please note that Frag Lab itself is indicated as the publisher on the game page, that is, Belarusian Wargaming is no longer related to this project. As Frag Lab confirmed to us, the game, which was almost ready in February 2022, is being developed at the company’s own expense.

Frag Lab is one of the largest Ukrainian gaming companies. The studio employs more than 200 developers. Since the beginning of the hot phase of the Russian-Ukrainian war, Frag Lab partially evacuated employees to the West of Ukraine, and already in mid-March the development of the game was resumed. But some of the developers joined the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, for example, the CEO of the company Maksym Dembik has been serving in the Territorial Defense of Boryspil since the end of February. Also, since the beginning of the invasion, the Frag Lab helps the military and even created its own charity fund to facilitate the purchase of military equipment.

As a reminder, the MMO shooter Shatterline is being developed on Amazon Lumberyard, which in turn is based on CryEngine from Crytek. Currently, the most famous project at Lumberyard is the MMORPG New World from Amazon Games Orange County.

In terms of gameplay, Shatterline should be similar to a mix of Warface, on which part of the Frag Lab staff worked on at Crytek Ukraine, and Bungie’s Destiny 2.

As you can see on the game page, Shatterline has English and Ukrainian localization. Russian is not in the list of languages.