Word Game, a new game from the author of Kobza

The author of the Ukrainian version of Wordle is the game Kobza, Sasha Kozlov, presented his new project – a word game with the telling name Word Game.

“Two players take turns collecting words from letters on a 5×5 field. The letter used in the word becomes “captured” by the player. The game is over when each of the 25 cells belongs to one of the players. The winner is the one with more captured cells. If you’ve ever played Letterpress, the rules will look familiar. Yes, this is a game for two. Locally on the same device or online. But you can always challenge one of the bots,” the author says about his game.

You can still download the game in App Store for iPhone, iPad and Mac computers with M1 and M2 processors. The author is not planning a version for Android yet, but notes that if an enthusiast appears who is ready to take on the Android version, he will be happy to share all the secrets of the game’s structure with them.

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