Back in March, the MacPaw company developed the SpyBuster application for macOS. It helps track programs that are one way or another related to the Russian Federation or Belarus. As you know, the Yarovaya Law in force there requires storing personal data of users (including recordings of conversations, personal correspondence, etc.) on servers for at least six months, and information about interlocutors, the time of their communication and their location — for three years.

Of course, the law allows special services almost free access to this information. And SpyBuster should detect programs that are created in aggressor countries or communicate with their servers, which will help protect your data from hostile eyes.

Disregarding personal data is always a bad idea. Especially in the conditions of war. Our smartphones often contain too much confidential information about the owner, so it is better to be very careful when using any unknown applications.

From now on, the SpyBuster application is also available for iOS devices, which will allow you to make sure that your personal data does not end up on Russian or Belarusian servers, and the applications themselves were developed elsewhere. A quick scan will detect suspicious apps and flag them accordingly.

The app is free and available to all iPhone users with iOS 14 or later. You can find it at this link.

SpyBuster is also integrated into CleanMyMac X, and versions for macOS and Chrome can be found here.