Wireless operators in Canada are not allowed to install Huawei equipment on high-speed 5G networks, the Canadian government said on Thursday, joining other countries in banning the products of the technology giant from China. 

“We are announcing our intention to prohibit the inclusion of Huawei and ZTE products and services in Canada’s telecommunications systems,” Industry Minister François-Philippe Champagne said. 

Prior to that, Canada was the only country of the Five Eyes Alliance that did not ban Huawei equipment on 5G networks. The Intelligence Alliance also includes the United States, Britain, Australia and New Zealand.  

Providers who already use Chinese equipment should remove it. The government does not compensate for such a replacement. 

The US suspects that China may use Huawei for espionage, so the country has lobbied for years to seize it from allies.The company has repeatedly denied such allegations. 

“We’re disappointed but not surprised. We see this as a political decision, one born of political pressure primarily from the United States,” said Huawei spokesman. 

However, since no company can refuse to provide information under Chinese law, Huawei’s products are trying to prevent important communications.