A Delaware court has ruled in favor of Twitter, allowing an expedited trial between the company and Elon Musk. A five-day trial on whether the billionaire should buy the social network will take place in October this year, CNBC reports.

Twitter’s lawyer argued that the trial in September is completely in line with the timing of other similar cases. He stressed that a quick review is needed to mitigate the ongoing damage to the company from the uncertainty and alleged disdain from Musk.

Twitter’s lawyer says the billionaire’s attempts to delay the trial are a ruse. Musk wants to leave little time for the company to appeal the decision before his debt obligations expire.

Meanwhile, Musk’s lawyer claims that the accelerated schedule will be “aggressive” for his team. She has to check a huge amount of data on Twitter, because Musk wants to know the percentage of spam accounts on the platform. The lawyer accused Twitter that the company wanted to hide this information and failed to provide it earlier.

In response, Twitter’s attorney noted that the percentage of spam accounts is irrelevant, because “nothing the merger agreement does not address this issue.”

As a reminder, Twitter is suing Elon Mask after his attempts to cancel the agreement to acquire the company. They want to force the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX to buy the company for $44 billion, as he previously proposed.