In the fight with TikTok and other social networks for content creators, Instagram announced the promised possibility of paid subscriptions. This function started to be tested back in January with a small group of star accounts. At the time, only ten accounts were able to try out the feature, which is now rolling out to a wider audience.

This will allow creators to publish individual posts and Reels exclusively for those fans who have signed up for a paid subscription. They will also have the opportunity to chat in a separate chat, where you can gather up to 30 followers at the same time. The profile page will have a separate tab with exclusive content that “free” users will not see.

“Paid” posts will be in the feed of subscribers with a special mark (for example, Stories for “Close friends” are marked with a green circle). Other users simply won’t see it, but they will still have access to those posts that are publicly available.

It is interesting that paid subscriptions were limited to only publications and Reels, and other possibilities (Stories, Live…) remained exclusively for the general audience.

The subscription price is set by the author of the page. It can range from $0.99 to $99.99 per month. Initially, paid subscriptions will only work in the US, but later their availability should expand to other countries. 

Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to issue a paid subscription to your favorite creators from Ukraine. This is in the rules of the service. Currently, there are only five countries from which you cannot support your favorite stars, and Ukraine is on this list.