Not only Ukrainians create games that in one way or another reflect the events of the Russian-Ukrainian war, such as Zero Losses, or Cat drive. Ukrainians were joined by Western developers.

We have already mentioned the Polish project FUCK PUTIN, and a shooter from a Swedish developer Slava Ukraini! And here is another game from a team from Poland – Ukraine Defense Force Tactics.

The Polish studio Spacewalkers from Krakow are authors of Ukraine Defense Force Tactics. They develop space adventures in the Interregnum Chronicles universe. The team’s first project, Interregnum Chronicles: Signal is now out on Steam, a demo version of the second Interregnum Chronicles: False Prophet is currently being prepared for publication.

According to the developers themselves from the very beginning of the hot war phase, they wanted to do something for Ukraine, and finally one of the members of the Spacewalkers team proposed to create a game, all proceeds from the sale of which would go to help Ukrainians.

Although the Spacewalkers studio uses Unreal Engine 4 for the games of the Interregnum Chronicles series, for a small and not at all similar to their previous works, Ukraine Defense Force Tactics chose the Godot Engine engine. The entire development, including programming, creating graphics, music and sound took 3 months.

Ukraine Defense Force Tactics is a step-by-step tactic in which you, the commander of small units of the Armed Forces, have to hold back the overwhelming forces of the occupiers. The goal is to destroy as many ruscists as possible before withdrawing your troops. Each destroyed enemy gives Glory, which can be spent on upgrading troops.

Ukraine Defense Force Tactics is now available on Steam. Now the game is sold with a discount of 34% and costs only UAH 39.