We have seen quite a few small indie games on the Russia-Ukraine war, created by Ukrainian developers. But there are also projects from foreigners. For example, here is a game Slava Ukraini!, the author of which is a Swede.

Slava Ukraini! is a fairly simple and, frankly, visually outdated project on the Unity engine. Quite unexpectedly, this is an action/strategy. Depending on the movement of Russian troops and the resistance of Ukrainians, you can take part in small battles, ambushes, attacks, and so on. Well, kinda attacks… Your character can not move here, so it’s more like a virtual shooting gallery, where you have to destroy Russian tanks, helicopters, artillery, and even the Moskva cruiser.

The game has the anthem of Ukraine at the beginning, the flag of Ukraine during the briefing and debriefing, and even the Ukrainian language appeared, although it is not listed on the Steam page.

Slava Ukraini! is completely free, and on the project page the author encourages everyone to transfer funds to Ukraine.

The game is developed by one person alone, moreover, the author promises to support the game and add new types of combat as long as the war in Ukraine continues.