The question of switching between different operating systems is quite difficult for ordinary users. Therefore, manufacturers try to facilitate this process as much as possible. In April Google made an application for iOS –Switch to Android. It should help the user change iPhone to Android.

At first, it helped to migrate only Pixel, but now it should work with all smartphones running Android 12. So data migration is possible with minimal effort and loss.

Notifying about this, Google added a blog entry with ten reasons why you should switch to Android (although the text itself emphasizes “our favorite features”):

  • Express yourself in new ways — we are talking about a proprietary messenger with support for RCS and Gboard;
  • Video chat with anyone, anywhere — Google Meet, of course, but WhatsApp and even FaceTime, which can work in a browser, also come to mind;
  • Tune into your favorite music — you might think that it will be about YouTube Music, but here the company is talking about streaming services in general, separately emphasizing that Apple Music also works on Android;
  • Your favorite apps and more — it is impossible not to mention Google Play;
  • A privacy-first approach — like Apple, Google does a lot to protect user data and ensure safety when using the Web, protect against spam and phishing, etc.;
  • More devices that work better together — not only Apple has its own ecosystem, and it’s impossible not to mention “chromebooks”, “smart” watches with Wear OS, Google TV, etc. Just in case, we added here that Android smartphones work with AirPods.
  • Get more done with Google apps and services — no comments needed;
  • Share music, photos and more across devices — Google also has its AirDrop counterpart;
  • Customize your Home screen with Android Widgets — something that Apple is just starting to master, Android has always had. And these are widgets;
  • Technology that’s useful for everyone — Android also has assistive tools for people with visual and hearing impairments. 
  • To be honest, Google’s marketing department could have done a better job of finding a real “10 reasons to switch to Android” because that way it sounds more like “we can do it too” instead of “we’re better at it”.

    After all, in the first place, the post should have informed that Switch to Android will already help to move data from iPhone to Android. Along with this, you can find migration instructions on a separate page.