The duel of mobile operating systems will probably never end. The parties may change over time, but there will always be at least two different “camps”. It’s currently iOS and Android. But sometimes, for various reasons, users change their preferences and switch to rival devices. To speed up this process and make it more user-friendly, there are appropriate applications that help transfer the most necessary data from the old smartphone to the new one.

Google is still working on a proprietary application Switch to Android, which will simplify the transfer from iPhone to Android smartphone. The application was announced last summer, which is the answer to Move to iOS from Apple. It is currently not available through the AppStore search and not all of its features work properly but it can be found at the appropriate link. 9to5Google has found a way to install the application and demonstrated how the transition from iOS to Android works right now.

The process is really simple, but still requires more action than transferring data between two iOS or Android devices. Once connected to smartphones, the app will transfer contacts, messages, photos and videos, as well as apps if the Google Play Store has the appropriate versions.

It is worth noting that photos and videos will be transferred only if they are stored on the iPhone itself, and not in the cloud storage in iCloud. In this case, the application has separate instructions for data transfer. Also, the app installation option now only works over a wired connection.

Even during the transition process, Switch to Android will remind you to turn off iMessage so that the owner of a new Android smartphone can receive SMS messages from other iPhone users, like regular SMS. If you don’t, Apple’s own service, which runs exclusively between iOS and macOS devices, won’t allow you to receive SMS from other iPhones while still sending them via iMessage.

In the final stage of data transfer, there will be instructions for transferring information from iCloud to Google Drive and Google Photos. 9to5Google has prepared a short video about the work of the existing version of the new application.

Google has not yet announced when the final version of the Switch to Android app will be released.