Any real mid-size SUV can be compared to the Toyota Land Cruiser Prado. It’s like the accepted “gold standard”. However, the country-gas station even here differed, inventing its “standard” called UAZ Patriot. Some tried to compare it with the Prado (not even close), others focused on the Chinese (also lose to them). Here is another interesting alternative – the Indian SUV Mahindra Scorpio-N.

It is worth noting that the first Mahindra Scorpio SUV debuted about 20 years ago – which means the development of a new model Mahindra Scorpio-N took quite a long time. However, at a time when the russians were struggling to attach to the Patriot at least some automatic gearbox (and even this was bought), in India, indeed, they created a completely new model of car. This is a classic SUV built on a frame and offered in the rear or all-wheel drive (rigid front axle connection plus rear differential lock). At the same time, the participation of Pininfarina specialists provided the car with a modern appearance.

The classic design is perfectly combined with modern engines. For example, a petrol 2-liter TGDi with 203 hp. is an option in the style of “wave to the Patriots.” In addition, for the car Mahindra Scorpio-N 2.2-liter turbodiesel mHawk in two power options: 132 or 175 “horses” is offered. And depending on the chosen version, the car will receive a mechanical or the 6-speed automated gearbox (it appears it is not difficult to find it!), a back or all-wheel drive, various modes of movement are also provided.

In addition, the car has a good interior. First, even with a 4.66-meter body length and a 2.75-meter base, it was possible to install three rows of seats. Secondly, the maximum versions of the Mahindra Scorpio-N under the order will receive “captain’s” seats of the second row. Air conditioning and front airbags are already included as standard, plus older versions can offer much more: side airbags and safety curtain (while VAZ generally gets rid of them), climate control and a separate air conditioner for the rear of the interior, Sony audio system and external surveillance cameras, LED headlights and lanterns, leather seats, etc.

Don’t cry, Patriot. Better understand that your time has passed. As well as the current state system of the country that gave birth to you. Only constant changes and improvements (rather than threats to Soviet missile development) can lead to progress. That’s what we see on the example of even the Indian car industry in the form of a new SUV Mahindra Scorpio-N. Which, by the way, should cost $15-25 thousand, depending on the version. Well, is this needed in Ukraine?